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Camille Canales

Vice President

Camille Canales was born far far away in Kingsville, Texas. After discovering art in community college her professors urged her to get out of Austin and apply to art school. She moved to Chicago after receiving a scholarship to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, holding a BFA in painting and fiber arts. She spent the better half of a decade at Lillstreet Art Center wearing many hats as a teaching artist, director and core administrative roles.  After rehabbing a building and living through construction she switched career paths and teamed up with North Clybourn Group- teaching buyers and sellers the ins and outs of real estate. Outside of work and ArtReach, Camille spends her time raising two daughters-Nova and Tula. She also enjoys personal challenges like learning to swim as an adult and training for her first Olympic triathlon. Camille joined ArtReach in 2017 and now serves as Vice President of the board.