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West Side Mutual Aid

West Side Mutual Aid

Firebird is located within the East Garfield Park neighborhood of the West Side of Chicago. The students and student interns of our Fireworks teen program collaborated with their instructors to build a list of West Side mutual aid supports. Youth also designed icons to represent the types of aid. Please support our most local support networks that are for the people and by the people.


Christian Nonprofit. This one is cool because they helped organize a West Side cleanup led by an 18 year old! They are doing continuous cleanup work along with providing emergency services.


sandwich icon

Thankful For Chicago

A nonprofit organization that helps young people through mentoring and distributes food in Englewood and Garfield park.

They are asking for donations, setting up a food drive for babies and adults. Also accepting money donations.

Chicago West Side Mutual Aid

It's a GoFundMe to distribute groceries to West Siders! They are always looking for food and cash donations as well as help distributing goods.

Happy Gallery

Art gallery in Ukranian Village distributing food and water
They are collecting a lot of donations! Things like water, diapers, toiletries, food, medical supplies, etc.

Garfield Park Community Council

Developing leaders and creating opportunities in Garfield Park. A helpful coordinating resource between organizations.




Provides loans and grants to businesses, especially black owned. Could help business owners affected by looting or COVID-19. They also provide free legal help for people stuck in a lease.

Westside Justice Center

Formed in 2015 and located at 601 S. California St. is run by a team of attorneys, community leaders and legal advocates, helps low income people have access to a fair and just criminal justice system in courts and jails along with trying to minimize the consequences of incarceration on criminalized communities. Their main phone is 773-940-2213 and their email is but for people who need non-legal resources after prison they can call 888-251-4474. They also have social media.