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Showing Our Work


“In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn”
—Octavia Butler

[Enjoy Damon Lock's facebook live Firebird DJ set here while you read]
We are all forever changed by our shared global experience. You may be noticing that art — film and tv, music, online drawing lessons, coloring pages, etc. are helping to calm and soothe us as we struggle through social distancing. We felt that it was important in this moment to boldly state the essential function of the arts to our very humanness.

Previously known as ArtReach Chicago, Firebird Community Arts is the name we are now embracing as all of us, phoenix-like, bring ourselves back to life.

We use the fire-based artforms of ceramics and glassblowing to heal, reimagine, and rebuild ourselves the way mythological firebirds regenerate themselves through fire from ashes. As of 2018 we moved into our own studio in East Garfield Park, now in 2020 we’ve rebranded and are building our sustainable, adaptive, and regenerative community.