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Events & Rentals

Host your private party or team-building event here with us. We specialize in professional development programs, birthdays and anniversary events. Private events that include glassblowing and ceramics are available to suit your group and schedule. We can create a host of experiences for birthdays, holidays and workforce professional development or teambuilding. Please email to inquire about themes, dates, times and other specifics.

Any event or rental fees paid are an investment in yourself or your group, but also help support the operation of our studio for all. 

The studio is available for rental to glass professionals and students. For more information email

Rental Rates:

  • 6" glory hole $30/hour
  • 12” glory hole $35/hour
  • 16" glory hole $40/hour
  • 18" glory hole $45/hour

Studio features:

  • 200 lb electric furnace melting Cristalica glass (96 COE compatible)
  • 2 Top loading casting kiln
  • 2 front loading annealers
  • Pickup oven
  • Fusing kiln
  • 16" flat grinding wheel
  • Belt sander
  • MK diamond saw
  • Covington Lathe
  • Flameworking studio $15/hr per torch
Events & Rentals